Bye,bye 4 eyes Air Optix Aqua

When it comes to getting new lenses our choices seem to have been tripled since we were kids. It does not matter if you are looking for air optics aqua, transitions, and even anti glare. All of these lenses cost more and change the price considerable. We think that buying glasses has changed so much and has become a difficult task. When you bring the children for new glasses the trying to keep up the Jones life can leave you in the poor house. We understand most families are already struggling and this added expense can be daunting. The other problem is you have to have them and it is something you cannot skimp on. A family with three children needs to take out a small loan for new glasses. After you visit the optometrist you need to move on to the store. Once you find out the cost of getting the prescription filled, new lenses and frames it more than likely is going to be about $200 a person. If Mom and Dad wear glasses a family of five can spend $1000 on one trip to the eye doctor. Just to find out you may need to it all over again in lees than eighteen months.

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