Calendars for charity

When you need to create an item for a donation for your event, club or organization, consider using a calendars. The best thing is they can work for any charity or function. The months can be diveded into seasons or quarters and there only needs to be twelve photos. When you think of how easy it is to plan a calendar it might make any other contribution idea seem harder, as the idea of a calendar for your even is a simple sell. When you have your twelve photo ideas committed the follow through and execution are simple. The final production the actual calendar building and when you see how cheap it can be the profit for your organization can be as much as 75%. The simple fact that they can be produced a year ahead sold for a whole year and can be marked down in year two. You plan a calendar for 2013 you shoot the photos in 2011 you start selling the 2013 calendar in March of 2012 for the rest of the year. When it turns to 2013 you can sell the calendar as it goes down in price each month that passes. This is a great way for your event, club or organization the have a money stream at all events all year round.

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