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Ecost a lousy website for the holidays

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Well today we want to vent on a website that has ruined Christmas. They make offers they do not back up and this time of the year it is disgusting. They have what they call bargain clearance items. You put the item in a cart and check out. We found two iPod 1st generations that would make great gifts for the little ones as they were only $40.00 a pop. We placed the order and was pretty happy to be shopping online. Two days go by and we log into the site to check the progress of the shipment. The order was placed on backorder, without notification. So we needed to call them for a status update, they confessed they would not be shipped for 4 or 5 weeks. So how does a company take orders for products that are not on the shelf? How do they not notify the customer the order is backordered? How can they say they are going to get these old iPods that Apple does not make these units anymore? We could not have been more irate and was really let down by the site. They claim the orders are coming so fast they cannot distinguish between in stock and out of stock items. This of course does not stop them from charging the credit card and placing an order into backorder status without a notification. This is not handled the same way at Amazon as the running inventory system is top notch. We also found the smaller site eToys to be well run and function correctly by telling out of stock items added to cart during shopping. The eCost experience was horrible and not a recommended site from the group at Tea512. Designer Swimwear

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

The thing about living in the northeast and planning a vacation to a warm climate is trying to find Swimwear. You do not want to go on a vacation and spend all that money and walk out on a beach in January with an old tattered suit. We are not fancy but there are member of my family that need to have Designer Swimwear. We do not mind but find a place that can maker everyone happy is a lot of work. There is also the problem is we are burnt out of shopping after the holidays. If we did not have to go to a store again until next winter would be alright with that. There is another option that we can shop online. There are a lot of swimsuit stores online but we need one that can get women, man and children all from the same place. We did not want to pay a lot of shipping if we went to three different sites. This worked out really well as everyone was able to surf and find a suit they wanted in their size no less. The has everything we needed. The best part is now everyone will have new Swimwear 2011. This is good for everyone and gives the vacation a little more excitement. It will be great when the suits arrive as we can look at them and know when we put them on we will be far away from the cold and snow and ready to swim. We wanted to let you know that the Swimwear is an online fashion forward boutique. The website says they offer swim and resort apparel for the sophisticated and informed client. They have a fresh and unique variety of designer swimwear collections. This one of the reasons we were drawn to them. When it comes to selection they have the competition beat as the offer brand names like Beach Bunny, Sofia, Touche, and Jet Black as that is only a few of the 31 other designers they feature. If you are looking for luxury swimwear how about these for brand names, Chio di Stefania, Maryan Melhorn, Roidal and Nicole Olivier as small selection of the 24 different collections they offer in the luxury swimwear category. If you cannot find something that is your style you are not trying. They also have other unique apparel that will be an exciting addition to their swim and resort wear wardrobe. Lingerie, sleepwear, day and evening apparel, shoes and jewelry are items that they have chosen to complement the broad collection of swimwear.



Massage Training Program

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

We wanted let you know about a website for massage training. This is a profession that is up and coming in need and pay around the country. When you are looking for a massage school you need to make sure you are getting good training from quality trainers. The School of Massage Therapy offers quality massage training for a variety of massage and bodywork courses. For more information, you can visit the website and see what the massage program is all about. The curriculum is 720 hours which is well above the state minimum. The average length of the program is between 7 and 12 months which is enough to begin you on you path allowing you to practice as a professional. They challenge students to excel in their massage training by combining a dedicated faculty, quality courses, and driven students, The School of Massage Therapy at SOLEX Medical Academy produces some of the most successful massage and bodywork practitioners in the country.

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

We wanted to let you know about If you are looking for printer ink cartridges or printer toner cartridge this is one stop resource on the net that is a Very accessible site . They have everything for your printer cartridges needs including a huge selection of brand name laser cartridges, toner cartridges and refill kits. Is there nothing worse then printing a job and having the ink low to where your colors are not correct? We try to keep a cartridge for each printer unopened for each printer we have. This way when we need a replacement we have it one hand. Then we buy a replacement when we put a new cartridge in the printer so the system stays in place. We order these online because it is cheaper and they have every cartridge. When you run over to the superstore in a panic chances they have your cartridge are so hit and miss. There are enough stresses in our lives you need to take this one out with simple planning. It is so easy to use the website as they have a look up on the home page where you can input your printer or cartridge part number and find exactly what you need with one click. The saving is due to the use Remanufactured Cartridges. They are guaranteed to give you the same results as new cartridges. You use them exactly the same as you would new cartridges. This way you can save money without compromising print quality.

TruGranite Sink in Black

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

We it comes to replacing a sink is there anything that looks as elegant as an granite sink. We were looking at the and the have a great selection of granite sinks. When we were thinking about budgeting for a replacement sink, granite was a first choice. We have selected the Single Bowl TruGranite Sink in Black. The Granite Sinks we are told are the most durable kitchen sink. The one we are looking at has the market’s highest solid surface composition at 80% quartz. Granite composite sinks have many advantages over other kitchen sinks such as heightened scratch, stain, odor, and heat resistances. Exclusive to our granite sink’s composition are silver ions which kill 99% of bacteria on contact. Silver ions have long been used in anti-microbial medical applications and we have integrated their use into these unique kitchen sinks. We look all over and finding this sink for this price is hard to do. Well at least the renovation project of 2011 is underway.


Cell Isolation from Stemcell Technologies

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

We want you to be aware of STEMCELL Technologies as they offers a wide range of solutions for the isolation of virtually any cell type from any species. The science of cell isolation has come along away and harnessing the stability and versatility of the STEMCELL’s Tetrameric Antibody Complex (TAC) technology, a variety of cell separation solutions are available for the positive or negative selection of a wide range of cell and sample types. They have controls over the cells to find and separate Positive Selection; this is the desired cells that are labeled. Then they can identify the Negative Selection, unwanted cells are targeted and labeled for depletion, leaving desired cells untouched. Check out their website for the host of registered products they offer including EasySep®, RoboSep®, RosetteSep, and StemSep® as some interesting products and information for anyone interested in StemCell research.

Vehicle Wraps Advertize 24/7

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Have you hear about Speedpro Signs and Imaging. They install vehicle wraps and specialize in providing solutions to your marketing challenges. Personalizing your vehicle is ideal for home based and multinational companies because everywhere you travel you will make a direct impact on potential customers 24/7. Decal it, wrap it or partially wrap it and get maximum exposure every time you hit the streets. Service and company vehicles are perfect for advertising your company logo and message and big enough that you can get creative, clever and really have customers look twice. We can wrap your entire vehicle or provide partial wraps. Affix vehicle logo decals where ever you choose, ensuring the quality and integrity of your logo.

Hammered Finish Copper Sinks

Friday, December 24th, 2010

We wanted to let you know if you are looking for a Copper Sink, we have the place for you on the web. These Copper Sinks are not just a sink they are handcrafted and will add warmth and richness to a variety of décors. They come in a hammered finished with a beautifully aged patina. The hammered finish will help hide small scratches that may occur over the lifetime of the sink. Copper is naturally antibacterial and will not rust or stain, making it low maintenance. These copper sinks are made of one piece construction, giving you the strongest copper sink you will find. Remember these copper sinks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Do you need a charleston realtor?

Friday, December 24th, 2010

One of the hottest places to live is South Carolina. When you need a charleston realtor then you should turn to Karen Koerner. She is a licensed realtor and broker who lives in the South Carolina area since 1988. Karen has concentrated much of her career on the more complex needs of relocation clients. She was on the Relocation Teams in Illinois and Connecticut and has been the PHH Homequity Representative for the three county Charleston area. She is also certified by the USAA Movers Advantage program. Because most people move more frequently when renting, the rental market is often faster paced when it comes to new trends and opportunities. Karen has extensive leasing experience from both sides of the table.

Back saving Laptop Backpacks

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

We wanted to let you know about the latest thing in laptop backpacks. We are carrying more things in our backpacks than ever before. The addition of electronics has made these backpacks a weight issue that could lead to back problems. AirBak is the only back pack that we know of that does this. The come in lots of styles and colors and are reasonably priced based on the long term savings you could have by using them. If you think about it all of the weight in the back pack is now resting comfortably just above the waistline, your body posture is able to relax in an upright position – as opposed to a hunched over position to compensate for the extra weight. There are approximately 21,000 backpack related injuries were treated every year.