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Dual XDMA6630 take back cool

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you heard about the XDMA6630 from Dual Electronics? This is going to take your music pleasure to the next level. Let face it when it comes to listening to music in your car your CD player is so yesterday. Your sound system these days is being carried around in your pocket on your iPhone, iTouch, iPod, or Cell phone; this is where all your current music is stored. The XDMA6630 has high-speed functionality and is Bluetooth ready for connectivity. The front panel has a USB connection that can give you direct access and controls your Apple devices like iPod® and iPhone®. There is also a 3.5mm auxiliary input so any kind of MP3 players that outputs to head phones can be used. There are also 2-RCA preamp outputs so you could connect another device using that functionality. Most of the time this enough but Dual gave the mobile receiver a detachable face which is easy to read and use. If you have not seen it the unit features sleek and subtle contours accentuated by the 2-line black and white LCD. There is a wireless remote control included, and for a couple of bucks more you can add the accessibility of a steering wheel control interface when plugged in with the PAC-SWI-PS adapter. You can increase your cool factor by being the first to own the hot gift of the year. Finally, someone has taken music the way we listen to it back where it belongs in the driving experience. There is nothing better than a good song, open road, and the windows down.

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RIAA Supreme Choice

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

It looks like the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the first RIAA file sharing case. We hope that when the docket is set for the next session, the so-called “innocent infringer” case will be heard. The copyright infringement case pending before the justices was over the February decision ordering a university student to pay the RIAA $27,750for sharing 37 tracks at $750 a track when she was a high school cheerleader. There have been an estimated 20,000 individuals the RIAA has sued for file-sharing music. The petition to review the appellate court ruling challenge weighs whether the innocent-infringer defense to the Copyright Act’s minimum charge of $750 per track fine may apply to online file sharing. If you did not know the innocent infringer is someone who does not know she or he is committing copyright infringement. The chances are slim as the high court usually grants less than one percent of petitions sent to it. We think it is pretty hard to think that a person who is stealing music in the first place, does not know they are haring with others. We hate the RIAA for the way they went about crushing the little people to make a statement.

TiVo Fall Season Saver

Monday, September 20th, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that fall season approaches you have to have a Tivo. We want to let you know about TiVo Premiere, along with the new TiVo Slide remote, makes discovering this fall TV season’s best entertainment easier than ever. Not just Fall TV but show like Modern Family or Mad Men, the exclusive TiVo Search and TiVo Collections features can catch you up in a matter of clicks. Find upcoming episodes and entire previous seasons on Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand or Blockbuster On Demand*. You need to take back your TV time and this is the best way to do it. Everyone needs to control the time they watch TV and not let TV control their time. Right now you can Enter to Win a new TiVo Slide in the “30 Slides in 30 Days” Sweepstakes as TiVo is not just a DVR! Use TiVo search to find your favorite TV programs, movies and Web video wherever it is. Hurry because the sweepstakes ends on 9/22/10. Have you seen the Facebook Fan Page check it out and become a fan of TiVo on Facebook. We use TiVo for crazy Monday nights we like Rules of Engagment, the wire likes Dancing with the Starts and kids love Gossip Girl. We need to record two and watch one without Tivo we would be lost.

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Slash at the House of Blues

Thursday, September 16th, 2010


 The Tea512 gang went to Slash at the House of Blues and to say it was a blast is an understatement. If you had ever seen Guns N Roses back in the day it was also a full throttle high octane show. There were a lot of moving parts and plenty to see. Looking back on that now the greatness of Slash might have been lost. This is not the case for the Slash solo show he tore it up and loud. The two hour set contained songs from the new solo album, Slash’s Snakepit, Velvet Revolver and GNR classics. Halfway through the set he stood on the stage by himself and ripped up an ear splitting guitar solo with the trademark Godfather theme. To say it was the best show we have seen in years is not saying much as we have not seen any rock and roll bands. We say that because when you see a guy like Slash you realize what rock and roll used to be and what we are pretending it is today. If you get a chance to see Slash do not miss it, this is a show that when you wake up the next morning you were really glad you were there because it was everything rock and roll is supposed to be.


Are you ready for the Football?

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

The best part of fall is Football. Today we get a full slate of NFL games, including a night tilt with America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys. We also can enjoy a double header tomorrow night on Monday night. This will include media darling’s fresh of hard knocks the New York Football Jets. We do not write much about sports unless some ridiculous happens. We know we probably could find something everyday but we pick and choose. We woke in a great mood just knowing they were going to lace them up today. It is great to see football return as it is also a sign to get to work. This is the time of year kids are back in school, vacations are over, and winter is staring us cold so hard work can begin. This means most of the work force is sitting back at the office and projects both capital and smaller can be planned. This might be the final piece that pushes the economy, stock market, and maybe even the job market. Spend the day in front of your TV and enjoy Americas true past time, college football Saturday and Professional football Sunday. We do not have to tell you we are ready for the football and let the games begin.

Sons of Anarchy

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

SOA returned to FX with a smack down. The show is brilliant if you like the grit of The Wire and the dialog of The Shield. If the first episode of season three was a book it would be a page turner. The building of rage was growing through out the show. The characters were all functioning but off. We see the doctor having trouble focusing on being a doctor, the mother needing to see her daddy, the leader needing to find the way, and the father missing the son with a rage inside. We watch as jacks pushes the doctor away because he knows everything he will ever touch will be forced to live his life. This is the theme for the first 50 minutes which comes to a head at the Prospects funeral. The doctor finds where she belongs and Jacks turns his rage outside and destroys an enemy with ruthless abandon. There are questions and his son seems to be in Ireland, the boarded up smoke house cannot be the end of the white supremacists. We are on board for the ride and it going to be hot. Sons of Anarchy as the third season begins are rising to the mantle of Rescue Me, The Shield, and The Wire.

Rescue Me Finale

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The Rescue Me finale for the season was nothing more than an ending of a show. They have filmed all the episodes so cutting it half was going to be without a cliffhanger. The ending was still shocking. When you consider Tommy spent the whole season trying to recover from thinking he was going to hell. He quit drinking and as Janet told him is trying to save the world. He is trying to help everyone and falling short all over. The biggest place is with his kids. The greatest twist in last night finale was the finale scene. Tommy has always been able to hear and talk to dead people most of the time he was inebriated. Last night as he sits thinking, his wife is pregnant after forty and not telling him. He walks over to pull the blanket up that had fallen over his now paraplegic godchild. This is the first time Tommy sees an undead person talk to him and it happens in a sober state. The season had many highlights for the firehouse, a fight between black Sean and Franco, the shutting down of the firehouse, the captain standing taller than the chief, and a rescue without equipment. We watched Franco try to kook up with Janet, Tommy does Hook up with Janet, Shiela hooks up with Tommy’s cousin and Lou seems to be on the verge of death. There are only 13 shows left and finale is on 9/11/11 on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11.

Day until NFL Open Night 9 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 62 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 83 days
Days Until Christmas 2010 117 days
Days until a New President 874 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 584

Fox moves to the Front Row

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

The Fox News Channel has been granted a much-coveted front-row seat in the White House briefing room. Thanks to the fact the Helen Thomas went loony, or loonier. The White House Correspondents Association reports that an Associated Press reporter will be moved to the front-row center seat previously occupied by Helen Thomas since 1960. This means that the Fox correspondent will be able to jump up a row into the AP’s empty front-row seat. The red headed step child of the liberal elite National Public Radio, will move their correspondent up one row to the Fox old second-row seat. There was quite a battle for this seat as the players were Bloomberg News, NPR, AP and Fox lobbied for the Thomas seat. This sparked outrage from both Working Assets and They actually tried to claim it should have been given to NPR because they have no political lean. Anyone who has ever listened to NPR for more than a half hours know this is false. The best part of the story is that the upgrade was given to Fox as an acknowledgment of their length of service and commitment said the White House Correspondents Association board. We have to wonder if this was President Obama’s people throwing a bone to Fox. The President has been tough on them and on November third he is going to need all the friends he can get.

Dallas Cowboys First Pre Season Game 7 days
Days Until 2010 Elections 93 days
Days Until Burlesque Opens 114 days
Days until a New President 908 Days
Days Country Held Hostage Under Hope and Change 555

Entourage Returns for Season 7

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

To say the last three seasons of Entourage have been lame is an under statement. It seems like ever since Vincent Chase returned to Hollywood leading man status thanks to Martin Scorsese for a lead and the Great Gatsby lead. This made season six the worst ever. The story has evolved as we follow the other characters as spending your life, as part of an entourage is not good for anyone in the end. It is confirmed we are winding down with a full season now and six-episode season in 2011 that will be the end of the series. The first show of the season is a sign of what it to come. Chase was called out for not doing his own states like other Hollywood heavyweights and you can see he felt the pressure of wanting to take his career to that next level. His brother on the other hand is coming to realization that he has been played for a fool. We are sure Eric, his fiancé will be present in some form, and Turtle turned a couple of classes at college into a thriving business in less than 10 shows. The finale for this season is going to have Christina Aguilera performing and this will probably be at the wedding just a guess, not a spoiler alert.


Hung Season Two returns

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Here is a show that we love because talk about a subject never made for television before. The simple way to state, a Schoolteacher has a second job as a gigolo. He services are being sold by two lady pimps that are two polar opposites. The problem with the show is the lack of confrontation. That friction makes characters you cheer for or against. Last season there was a chance for a scene the gigolo was sent to please his ex-wife. He walked away and left the seen cold. The best part of the show is the women who are paying for the gigolo services. This is another area not explored and makes for great television because you think of how many house wives are sitting art home watching the show thinking if they had a chance would they do it. The idea of a man using a prostitute and the women that are prostitutes you have seen a thousand times. What makes Hung stand out is the gigolo is trying to be everything to everyone and for the first time in his life he is starting to understand woman. When he was married or dating he just dropped his pants and the ladies loved him. Each week we are watching as he tries to navigate how to make a women not only orgasm but meet her on the level that she needs for fulfillment and that is not usually about having sex.