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Jennifer Morrison the Warrior

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Shay Mitchell Pretty Little Hottie Again

Monday, August 8th, 2011

This week we highlight a new comer to the countdown. Shannon Ashley “Shay” Mitchell who was born April 10, 1987 in Toronto, Ontario Canada is this week’s recipient. This 21 year old took us by surprise hen she walked the blue carpet at the teen choice awards. If you did not know her she is in a ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars and would not even be considered the top three lovely looking ladies in the cast. On this night she stole the show and deserved the space. Shay was also in Degrassi: The Next Generation and Disney XD series Aaron Stone. She worked in a music video for Sean Paul as well as the series Rookie Blue. Shay has modeled for American Eagle Outfitters but her last job has put her on the map. Shay plays Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars and the whole cast did attend the awards. She nailed it in this short red look, with long legs and her hair pulled back. When she walked the carpet everyone was watching her go by. The black sexy shoes with her black her made you look her up and down and back again. We are not sure where Pretty Little Liars will go but the cast has some Pretty Awesome looking hotties ands you can aid Shay to the list

Nina Dobreva the best Canada has to offer

Monday, June 20th, 2011

This week we highlight number 40 from 2009. Nina Constantinova Dobreva
was born on January 9, 1989. Nina was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, but since the age of two has been living in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Nina has many talents as she is an actress, singer, instrumentalist, and model. She has come along away from Mia Jones, the single teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation. She continues to kill it in her role as Elena Gilbert in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. The CW network has not had many shows renewed but the Vampire Diaries has been a strong part of their lineup. This upcoming year we will see her on the big screen in the movie Arena and she is filming the perks of being a wallflower for a 2012 release. Nina also had a part in The Roommate movie earlier this year. We watched her on the red carpet at the Much Music Awards and she blew us away. She has a great body and a girl next door appeal, the most beautiful brown eyes. She is also the perfect height at five feet six inches with long enough legs to draw attention without looking lanky.

Amber Lancaster MTV hottie

Monday, June 6th, 2011

This week we highlight Amber Lancaster as she was born September 19, 1980 in Bellevue, Washington. Amber was a former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader a case holder on Deal or No Deal. She had taken her talents to movies where captured a role in Redline. We did not know who she was until last night when we saw her stroll down the red carpet. She stole the pre show at the MTC movie awards as once she passed everyone else paled in comparison. We needed to post the photo and give her the honor of being the women of the week. We dug into her bio and and found she is starring in a television show on MTV called The Hard Times of RJ Berger as Jenny Swanson. The show is a cross between the Hughes films of the 80’s and American Pie as Jenny is the pretty popular girl we all wanted in high school. Amber is so hot and voluptuous she has long legs and more curves then should be legal. We look forward to more and hopefully this is not the last photo we post as we wonder if this is going to be enough to make the end of the year list.

CNN keeps home safe

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

When media bias rears its ugly head. When it happens on CNN they never get called out on it. When it happens because you are covering up your own there really cannot be blamed. When CNN needed to jump all over Maria Shriver running out on the governator, the ran a story about political scandals. They neglected to mention one but in fairness they did have some big ones. They showed images of the king of all politician sexcapades including John F. Kennedy. We kind of think of JFK as a king of all-time. Number two is President Clinton as this one we may never had know if not for Linda Tripp and we have been surprised there has not been more. Number three for us is John Edwards, he actually had a love child he hid and left his cancer ridden wife. Number four is Mark Sanford, first of all he went AWOL on state for a tart. We just added 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich for saying he was so busy politics and doing the countries business he needed to cheat on his wife. This brings us to the man who spent $5,000 for prostitutes as the infamous Client #9, Eliot Spitzer. We are pretty sure he was not mentioned because he works for CNN now but we wanted to make sure we did not let you forget. Since CNN did not want to put Spitzer in the arena with other skirt chasing married men we have no problem, plus we can run the photo of Ashley Dupre.

Ginnifer Goodwin Something Borrowed Siren

Monday, May 9th, 2011

This week we highlight another woman who has never been on the countdown. You can also file her under the cute as button category. This week we choose Jennifer Michelle Goodwin. She has been a favorite for year for her work on Big Love and in the movies Walk the Line and Single Man. Ginnifer Goodwin was born on May 22, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee. Some of her early work included Mona Lisa Smile, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!,lately she has been seen in He’s Just Not That into You, and Ramona and Beezus. We picked her this week as her new movie Something Borrowed which opened to a robust 13 million and already talks of a sequel. We have been a big fan because of Big Love and if you see Ginnifer on screen it is hard not to see her natural beauty and charm pop right of the big and little screen. She has a great body, nice curves, pretty face, dynamite eyes, and a wholesome girl next store quality that makes you instantly connect with. If you have seen her doing the talk show circuit she is confident and brings boat loads of personality to every interview she does.

Ashley Tisdale Shows the Allure

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Here is a first timer and it is a shicker as we never though it would happen. This week the woman of the week is Ashley Michelle Tisdale. Ash was born July 2, 1985 in West Deal, Monmouth County, New Jersey. We picked her this week because she was always hot, she is Hollywood, but the Disney High School musical thing was holding us back. She rocked us in the fall with Hellcats where she rocks skimpy cheerleader outfits. Who knew cheerleader practice had even more skin than the games? She just pumped out a made straight for DVD reprising Sharpay without any of the other cast from HSM and she is naked in Allure magazine. This photo shoot was the one that put it over the top and we are glad to finally have you Ashley. We are sure we like her with the long blonde hair better but when she walks on screen or even to Starbucks she has a strut that makes every boy stop in place. Ashley has also has released two recorded albums with a couple of pop hits and one even went gold. We have a feeling she is going to be someone to watch in the future as this new found skin exposure and curvaceous body are a deadly combination and she is playing it well.

Vanessa Hudgens great Shape

Monday, April 4th, 2011

This we highlight a three time member of the top 51. Vanessa Anne Hudgens who was born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California has performed musical theatre since the age of eight. In 2004 she was in her first movie role in Thirteen. She has worked for Disney for the five years having guest spots on different TV episodes. In 2006, she released her first music release, V that has been a certified gold record, 2008 she had her second release of the album Identified. We would not know her if it was not for High School Musical, she was in all three movies. She has had two releases this year both with not much box office value, Beauty and Sucker Punch. She has been a member of the countdown in 2008 she was 15, 2009 she was 13, and last year she dropped to 19. The 22 year old has shown us plenty of skin in the past and has kept her fashion sexy and hot for any appearance. We picked her this week because if you walk by a newsstand she is on two covers Nylon and Shape and she has a great shape for it. We cannot wait to see how her career grows and what roles she is going to take moving forward. We think there is going to be some hot sexy roles for her ahead as she really has nothing left ot hide and can use it to her advantage.

Fergie is still Fergalicious

Monday, March 28th, 2011

This week we are going to highlight someone who has not been seen on these pages since October of 2009. This week we are going to highlight Stacy Ann Ferguson who was born on March 27, 1975 in Hacienda Heights, California. We know her as Fergie the singer, songwriter, and actress. She blasted on to the scene with the group the Black Eyed Peas, but solidified herself as a solo performer with the release of The Dutchess her first solo release. The reason we picked is she just turned 36 and she still can bring it with the best of them. The Black Eye Peas are still performing full octane shows. Fergie has guest appeared on many other artists tracks and has one of the most sought after voices around. Today we do want to focus on the B.E.P, solo music, artist music featuring her, her movie roles, her red carpet look, or her advertising work. We want you to focus on the body she is red hot and banging she was on the countdown of the top 51 in 2008 she was number 27 and has not made the list since. When you think of a women who is hot every time she makes an appearance you have to put Fergie in that class. When have you ever seen her in sweats? She is always dressed to the nines, flashing a lot of skin and dripping sexuality that makes the young boys and old men drool. We welcome her back to these pages which her Happy Birthday and look forward as always to any time she is going to make an appearance anywhere.

Eva Longoria Allure for the ages

Monday, March 14th, 2011

This week we highlight Eva Jacqueline Longoria who was born March 15, 1975. Eva has not been on the list since the first year this has been a mistake. This year the divorced 35 has proved she is list worthy. She graces the cover of Allure magazine and it so caught our eye she is back in the fold. Eva was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has a degree from Texas A&M in kinesiology. This former Miss Corpus Christi of 1998 had her first television role as a guest appearance in Beverly Hills 90210 and General Hospital. The she got her break in the Young and the Restless in 2001. She had a few parts in some not so successful films and television shows before she landed her breakout role in Desperate Housewives. She has been seen in movies The Sentinel., Over Her Dead Body, and Harsh Times. She also has kept busy with some high profile advertising campaigns and modeling. She has had modeling contracts with both L’Oreal and Hanes. Eva is smoking hot and has striking beauty. Every time she appears on the big or small screen she is captivating. She might have the most beautiful eyes in Hollywood.