Circular Saw Blades and the Hardware Store

We finally decided that we would break down and had a need to use the circular saw received for Fathers Day last year. The wood we are cutting we were told is not a softwood so we should check our blade. We did not know that a circular saw blade could be different for what you are going to use it for. We ventured out to a place we are not very versed in things, the hardware store. We learned in our trip a lesson in all things to do and about saw blades. Saw blades are made from many different materials. The material circular saw blades are manufactured from will determine the life & performance of the blade. We had a Steel Blade that was provided with the saw; this is inexpensive and is best used for cutting softwood. If you buy a High Speed Steel blade it will stay sharper longer. Each blade we spoke of the price went up. The Carbide Tipped Circular blade will stay sharp longer than both the steel and High Speed Steel blades. The top of the line is a Diamond Saw Blade and like the name has diamond tipped teeth for cutting glass, concrete & ceramic material. We are going to research on the Internet High Speed Steel blades as we feel the only way to buy something is online.

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