Contact Lenses what is a good age

We are trying to decide when we can get contact lenses for a little girl. We want her to have the freedom of going without glasses. We want her to show everyone her beautiful face that can be hidden behind her frames. We need make sure she has here focus daily prescription in the correct order. We are more worried about her age and if she is ready for the responsibility. We are sure the summer is the correct time to start if they fall out or there is a problem she is around the house. This would be much worse if she was at school and might have forgotten to bring her glasses for backup. She has always demonstrated a quick facet to pick up new things and transitioned well from on stage of her life to another. This seems a little more than going from taking baths to showers or learning to wash your hair by yourself. We are stuck because it is so much cheaper to use an online source to deliver contacts and not have to worry about breaking glasses and going back to the big mall frame shop. This is going to be a tough decision and she may not even like has anyone ever given contacts to a child and at what age did they start using them on their own.

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