Earth Care Products – Odor Eliminator

Back in the day, we used buy, any can of aerosol and spray it into the atmosphere. We watched our mother use cans of Aqua Net hairspray and fathers would spray enough Right Guard to create a fog around him. We have come a long as we since we now look for products that will do no harm to the planet by still provide some of the services we need. These Earth Care Products come to mind because we always have a coupe of Odor Eliminator spray cans around. When you have kids, pets, cooking, season change and daily stress you need to freshen up your home. This is more during in the winter where the house becomes locked down and the windows are shut from November to April. It was not long ago when everything we used was sprayed from a can, made from chemicals, and released into the air all around us. The idea is we are all taking baby steps toward helping the planet but it does make a difference. They still sell Aqua Net and Right Guard spray but people have moved to mousse foams and roll-ons. We may have destroyed the ozone, we may have created global warming, but at least we can say our generation a little by little is trying to do more than just talk about it.

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