Easy Scholarships and the new Student

We are hearing more and people talking about going back to school. This could be due the current shape of the economy and the idea that a better job garners a higher wage. There have always been those whom have gone to college at night a course here or there until they completed the program. We wonder about the out of work middle-aged person and since the can go to school full time are there any easy scholarships they can qualify for? It is not like they are going to get a music or sports scholarship, they will not be in the running for a town scholarship for prized student of the high school. This is a tough road for the middle-aged student as the road back to college is paved with many tough choices. It will be hard to sit in a class where the students are all half your age. It will be hard to sit by and watch these students who have their lives so bright ahead of them going through the motions without understanding they should be trying to get the most of this education and not just skating by. We think the hardest is part is the middle-aged person mind is not jelly it already is a conservative or a liberal and the curriculum agenda in college is based on you forming your own opinion, for these students they have already decided most of these issues and have beliefs that are based in real world situations. We are hopeful that this will make these classrooms a conversation for the better and everyone will get more from the middle-aged student returning to school.


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