Events and using a postcard mailing services

We are thinking about trying to drum up support for a local event. We have a list of the people that have signed up over the years to either help or asked to receive email updates. We are thinking about creating a mail merge of the list and send out a mailing for our summer event. There has been some talk that this will take too much effort and not be cost effective. We had a suggestion of using one of those postcard mailing services as a professional firm might cost more money but it will be handled correctly. We have tried to balance the cost of handling with our members or paying a service. We do not think there is enough money in the budget to afford this but with so many names and chances of errors likely it would be nice to have some expertise involved. The even is the weekend before Labor Day so we really need to get a move on if we are going to hire someone or begin the project ourselves. The mailmerge alone is not going to be easy as there is four lists and more than likely duplicate names. The budget for the event is tight enough spending double on postage would be another reason to outsource the project.

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