Funbrain and Online Games

The true test of when your computer is no longer worth anything is when you go to play online games. This is usually when you find out, after you have updated the Adobe Flash and the Adobe Shockwave. You clean out all the cache and temp files and reboot three times. Kill every process that is running and go only to the game site, load up the latest fromfunbrain, msn games, or Facebook apps, and it just will not load. You head over to another machine in the house or at work and your avatar is flying around or all the screens load and you are ready to play in seconds. This may seem aggravating but it has become the new benchmark for replacement. When these types of complaints come up and the simple stuff does not fix the problem, which is what decides when we need a new computer, for that user. First, they usually will not stop complaining and we want the computers in the house to be fun. When the user is not having fun, no one is happy. We understand most users in our house have downloaded excessively many things and a simple re-install of the operating system would be a work around.

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