High Intensity Interval Training – Chalene Johnson

We wanted to let you know if you are ready to really workout there is a High Intensity Interval Training that is for you. This Turbo Fire Deluxe program is by Chalene Johnson and Beachbody. If you have not heard of Charlene Johnson before she has nearly twenty years of teaching experience. She is America’s number one master motivator and fitness instructor. You have never done a cardio program before that is this intense and it is where you are ready to go for the next level. Chalene called it a fat scorching, hear pounding reality. Check out the Turbo Fire Upgrade DVD and you could burn up to nine times more fat than any traditional cardio workouts. There are 12 classes and each will give you the feeling of being at a class right in your own home. The best part is the DVD has a new to class option that means it is like getting one on one training with Chalene Johnson. We will not even tell you how hot the soundtrack is because it would have to be pumping for what you are about to do. Let us just say the class is are there and remixed which includes Bad Girls and Get Down On It. There is an included nutritional Guide wit ha healthy meal plan that includes snacks as well as family size meals. If you are ready to take this challenge as this super intense workout is more than likely more than you can do all in the beginning. You will if you stick with it be able to build yourself up and have the proper condition which will give you the results you are after. The disclaimer is know your limits and maintain proper form as well make sure you have good pair of cross trainers that will absorb the shock of this workout.

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