International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Summer time comes and finally can start to get out of the heavy winter clothes. This also means you can put away all that head gear. We wonder that if wearing these heavy hats are good for your hair. They keep your head warm but the constant taking on and off of hats pulls on the scalp and help hair loss. We are not saying we would not lose our hair without a hat, but could there be something to this idea. This is probably a good question for the ISHRS as they would know best. The other problem is when the summer comes we switch to a ball cap. When you stop to think about it we might wear a hat all year long. We might have been wearing hats for most of our lives. Has anyone ever done a study on the relationship between a hat and going bald? There is the constant tugging at the hat to straighten it; there is the pulling on and off. There is no recourse once your hair starts falling out as you need to either use a comb over as it thins, buy a wig or a hair piece. You could just give up and let it dwindle away. We have seen an increase in people who just give up and shave their head before the inevitable. You have to wonder if having a medical procedure to help is not the best way to go as hair means confidence and we all could use plenty of that.

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