Local singles dating blues

There is a time to give up and time to move on. We talked with a friend that not had a date in ages. He said it hard after diverse to get back in the game. He wants to try local singles dating, online dating, personal ads, and even chatting, but so far the problem is patience. He is so ready but he has been out of the dating scene for 20 years and out of practice is an understatement. You can try to pick up where you left off but it is not like riding a bike. The problem my not be just him, as the people he is trying to date have changed as well. First of all not only is everyone afraid of getting hurt, most of them are very guarded as they have been not only stung in relationships but also in dating. When you stack these odds up the chances get slimmer your hopes dashed and it becomes easier to say the wrong thing then do the right thing. We had no advice and were left a little down at the prospects. We never thought with all the options you have these days so many more then years past. That dating in this generation is actually harder with more options then it was with less.


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