mesothelioma treatment is needed

Is there anything more heartbreaking then knowing someone having mesothelioma treatment. This has become a unknown killer of our generation. There were so many people exposed to it that had no idea it was a killer. There are so many families ripped apart while not even knowing they were silently killing themselves doing what they needed to stay alive. We have seen this first hand as a local company manufactured and worked with asbestos. The poor factory workers handled this toxic chemical killer without knowing it was taking years off their lives. This was a blue collar lunch pail job that was the town choice if college was not your route. It seems the company never paid for these sins and we never found out why. They must have been a little liable after all how they could not be responsible for causing the death of people based on the products they made their workers handle for profit. The bottom line is they were not at least as fare as we can tell. If they paid out settlements to the families we never heard. These families are not actually driving around town in new cars and paid off houses. This is a shame and it is going unobserved as far as we can tell.

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