Online cash advance-Saves the day

There are times you just cannot get to payday fast enough. We have had issues where we have needed a major repair to a vehicle, or an appliance for the house and from the time we found we needed it until the time we can afford it are too far apart. When this has happened in the past, we had looked to friends or family. There is no better way to put an 800-pound gorilla in the room then when you borrow money from friends or family. The next time we are in a bind we are going to try an online cash advance. This is a great way to bridge a small loan until your next payday. We were talking with a friend who said they helped him out in a big way when his car was impounded for parking in tow zone overnight. The cost of the tow, storage and the fine was close to $900 and they would not take a check. He said he was able to get $1000 in about three hours. He said there was a fee but they made a withdrawal from his bank account after his paycheck was direct deposited. This really got him out of a jam as he only gets paid twice a month and he would had no car for five days but he also would have had to pay more fees for not picking the car up.

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