Painting the house, shutters and trim

When it comes time to change the color of your house choosing the right color paint is only the first step. There are so many factors that change when you make the decision to change the color of your home. The cost of this process is more expensive with every trip to the hardware store. When we finally did decide on a new color we realized we needed to paint the molding a different color and that color was going to have to match the vinyl shutters. We might have been able to paint the shutters we had but we were advised against it as more than likely would not have matched the moldings which were wood. We needed to buy new shutters match the paint to those painted the house, painted the trim and moldings and then attached the new shutters. The total cost of the project was at least three times what we had expected and you could say we are happy with the results. You might also say that if we would have known the cost was going to be around the price of a week in Hawaii we might have not gone down that road in the first place.

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