Photo Albums are not all the same

When you are thinking about creating photo albums you should not buy the cheapest album and paper around. We found out it does make a difference. This was a surprise as you think you can just put a photo on paper and in a book. You can but as the years go by the paper and book you choose may not last. If it starts to fade or denigrate it will usually cause damage to your photo. If you used any embellishments on your pages those are the first to go. Think about the fact this snap shot in time could be lost not soon but later when it cannot be replaced. The whole point of a photo is to capture a moment in time. This would be all lost and defeat the purpose for which it was intended. There are no ways to make sure the photo you are using can be reused after your photo book has been destroyed due to light exposure or simple water damage. This is why you need to make the right choice before you stick a photo to any photo book to make sure the paper is acid free and velum to make sure you are going to get the longest life off your photo possible. You want to be able to open the book in ten years and have it look like it did the day you last closed the book. Like everything else in life you cannot expect quality when you take it on the cheap. You always get what you pay for.

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