Rustic bedroom furniture anyone?

Time for something new and that means spending money. In this tough economy with an upside down mortgage the only way to change the place you live is to redesign. We are thinking about changing the guest bedroom now that the kids are moved away. The idea first was to get rustic bedroom furniture as a change. We have traveled the south and have collected a lot of western style furniture and blankets. It would be nice to have a place to display the quilts and furniture we picked up in a trip to New Mexico a while back. This has been just moved around the house and has not really had a home. It would be nice to use those pieces and a bedroom set together. We are also taking a trip to Houston to look at a couple of colleges for the kids and we could add to the room at that time. This is something we have never done and we have watched enough of these design shows where it might be time to step out and try something wild. Since it is only a bedroom we should not have to worry about it taking away from any other area or look of the house. The only problem is forcing guests to sleep in our newly created southwestern motif room while the come for a visit.

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