Tired of printing – quality counts

We have grown tired of printing at home and in the office. There is a high sress level and we never think it looks as good as it should no matter how much we spend on the latest and greatest printer. The cost of printing is not the real issue it does help that printing from online sources has been reduced greatly. When you factor the cost of printing a quantity of a high resolution images paying a vendor is cheaper in the long run. When we factor in the cost of the quality paper for printing, the cartridges, and the baby sitting the print job as it comes of the printer, the cost is plenty. When you think about using a company like 123Print there is a flat cost, the quality is outstanding, and it is worry free. So when it comes time to printing business cards, photos, holiday cards, vacation pictures and flyers we are totally going to use an online method. This really can be used for anything you print as you start thinking about promotional items for your business, letterhead, brochure, yard signs, magnets and banners. All these thing can be done online cheaper then being done in house and with a better quality. Sometimes you try to save money but in the long run spending more money is worth it.


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