webhosting reviews and a direction

When you are looking for a place to put your webpage you read a lot ofwebhosting reviews. There are plenty of things that can alter your choice based on what is important to you. We have thinking about changing services and we decided to focus on a couple of areas. We had a staff meeting and decided that instead of trying to find a service that does everything. We are going to try to focus on finding a new vendor that does the two things that we wish our current service does not do. We are not happy with the amount of email addresses we are allowed and have seen services that give you numerous per domain name. We are also looking for a service that has back door scripts for the cgi we are trying to run. We have seen services that offer a lot of perks and think that we could try to get bogged down trying to capture too many things. There are only a couple of things you can do at a time. We need to make a choice and it seems every department is looking for something they want the web to do that it does not at this time. We worry about supporting all these new functions and hope our expectations are not bigger than our budget or hours in the day.


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