Wedding Invitations can set the tone

It is summer and we are heading into the busy weeding season. Most of these wedding have been planned for months and months. We have a situation like many families there is a shotgun wedding as the couple has been hiding information from their parents. The wedding invitations have gone out and it is a July wedding as we have found the bride is five months pregnant. The best thing about this is we have had a couple weddings in the office and the planning seems to have been going on for years. We do remember the day they labored over the invitations and went back and forth. We have received both of those invitations, but this shotgun wedding invitation we received was nicer and very elegant. It just goes to show you should not think that just because you have time you are going tot make the right choice. This couple put their whole wedding together in only six weeks and has six weeks before they tie the note and so far it has been a really well thought out plan. They are not having the reception in the famous hotel, but it is nice and the rooms are cheaper. They are not having it at the biggest church in town, but they picked a church that is right near the reception hotel, it is even in walking distance.

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