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Have you checked out the website for World Zoo Today. They are a non-profit group offering free global news from theĀ Aquarium, to the Zoo, and evenĀ Wildlife Conservation groups. They started the site to help everyone locate information about Zoos, Aquariums, and anywhere else you can see animals in your own area or where you are traveling. You can also keep up with the latest at your favorite Zoo or Aquarium so you know when to visit again. This site is a non-profit with the goal of bringing the visitor information about Zoos, Wildlife Refuges, Aquariums, Rescue Centers, Research, and anything else animal related. They are not affiliated with any of the places they list on this site. They understand the lack of information and unless you lived in the area and paid close attention to the local news, you never knew when the Zoo or Aquarium had new exhibits, births, or what was happening.

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